Traditional vs New Domains Extension:
How to Choose the Right One for Your Brand



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How to choose the right domains extension for your new website, brand, and business? Why one must try new TLDs? Read and find out more!

There are hundreds of domain extensions to choose from, from plain to practical, philosophical, and more. In the early days of the web, there were only a few choices available including .com, .net, .org, and others. In the coming years, the number of domain extensions has significantly grown.

With all the new domain name extensions available, there is more opportunity to create a memorable and meaningful domain that tells the world more about what your business is all about, what you do, and what kind of products you sell.

In this article, we will discuss the new domains extensions and a few reasons why you need to try a new TLD:

➢ Availability:

The new domains haven’t been around for a long name meaning great domains (short, catchy, and memorable) are still available. A new TLD allows you to get the domain name that perfectly suits your brand and gives you a chance to shorten the domain by using a relevant term, for example, if you want to use yourfavoriteshop.com, you can instead use yourfavorite.shop.

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➢ Branding:

With more domain name extensions to choose from, the businesses today have more options to come up with a unique domain name that communicates the value and purpose of your offering. The domain name is usually the first thing people notice about a business. It can create a significant first impression.

➢ Brand protection:

The brands that already have an old or traditional domain may decide to buy a version of their current domain with a new domains extension. This can protect the domain name from being bought and used by someone else and allow you to use a domain that is more relevant, creative, and cutting-edge. You can come up with a new ending, for example, if you own jimscoffe.com you can now use jim.coffee.


➢ Perception:

Many businesses and popular brands are using new domains extensions, creating an image of being legitimate and popular. The new domain names will eventually be as popular and common as the traditional TLDs, so getting one is a chance to ensure you are on the leading edge of the current trend.

➢ Memorability:

By using a new domains extension, you may help your brand stand out and help you create a more unique and memorable impression. A long or complicated domain may be harder to remember with a new extension, so make sure to keep the domain as short as possible.

Using a new TLD will not affect your search presence. In the eyes of Google and search engines, the TLDs (both new and traditional) and equal. The new domains extension will not impact your search engine ranking at all.

The decision about your new domain name extension is specific. You can check out the full list of available TLDs and decide which one suits your business the most.

Before you choose a new domain name extension, we suggest you answer these questions:

  • Is there a top-level domain name extension that is relevant to your business niche?
  • Will a new domains extension help explain what you do or what your brand is all about?
  • Will a new TLD allow you to have a more memorable and unique web address?
  • Will your domain be catchy and distinct?

By answering these few questions, you will be on the way of choosing the right and perfect new domains extension for your business.

So, are you ready to explore new domain extensions?