5 Things You Must Know About Domain Names

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You can presume domain name as an online real estate. This is because it shows your brand’s identity and behaves as a means to conduct business. It’s a representation of your authority and expertise; also it’s where your customers come to buy. You see, how much important it is to choose a better domain name for your business.

Let’s explore some questions and their answers to gain more knowledge about domain names.

Should I buy the same Domain Name as My Registered Business Name?

Not necessarily, because if it still gives you a relatable name then it’s all good. You can’t expect the same words as your business holds. But, a little manipulated related name can also give your customers the idea about what they’re searching.

Which is the best domain extension?

Obviously, .com goes well at all times. If it’s available, grab it. But only a .com extension can’t help you unless you get a domain name that’s consistent with your brand. You might also want to show customers where your business is located by choosing location-specific extension.  Also, it never hurts to acquire both .com and .co.uk.

What about length of domain names?

A lengthy name is possible to acquire. However, the general thumb rule is to get the shorter ones. When you analyse top sites like Google, and Amazon, you will find that they are short and easy to remember. Ideally, there should be 8 characters in a domain name. If your brand has a lengthy name, you might find it hard to achieve the smaller catchy name. For this, you can search for domain name ideas using tools like domains name generator.

Why you need to know about Copyright and Trademarks Issues?

How do you know that you are not securing someone else’s domain name? If it has been trademarked earlier, it doesn’t belong to you. Similarly, you can’t buy a domain name that has a certain brand name in it without their permission. It may get you into a lot of trouble so avoid such useless efforts. Before you make any move, search for legal advice.

What about Domain Privacy?

For many, it is a big concern. Anyone can do a Domain Whois search and find out the owner’s details like home address, email address, and even phone numbers. Sounds bad? Well, no one wants to display all of its private information to strangers. This may provoke unwanted incidents and may cause closure to your site. Therefore, it is better to register for domain Whois privacy to avoid all hassle.

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