Cheap domains can have a huge a potential

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It turns out that cheap domains can exceed your expectations because they can be quite valuable. In case you use the term cheap domain as a search term in popular search engines like Google or Yahoo, you’ll find dozens of websites where you can buy cheap domain names. 15 years ago, the situation was different because there were a limited number of registrars and many available domains.

But, in the recent period, we have witnessed a huge expansion of the online business sector which led to more registrations and ultimately more domain name registrars. While we are talking about cheap domains and domain history in general, we should also mention that in the past there were many available domain name combinations which allowed people to register the domain name they want. For instance, if you are selling jewelry online, domains like onlinejewelry, exclusivejewelry, wedding jewelry were available. Now the situation is different. You will probably have to include three words in your domain name to get access to a domain name that’s available.

Top-level domain names will probably be more expensive and there’s more than one good reason for that. However, don’t think that the level of the domain name is the only factor that contributes to search engine ranking. There are many other things that impact these rankings.

So, the extension of domain names plays a significant role in this process. Most of the first websites had a .com domain extension and this is the reason why most people still use the .com extension. As a result of that, you won’t be able to find many .com domain names that are available at least not ones that have fewer words or characters. Some website owners prefer using hyphens, numbers or word variations to register their preferred domain name. But, according to many experts, it’s better to opt for a cheap domain name that has a different extension like .net, .org, .biz or .co for example. Officially, the extension doesn’t have an impact on search engine ranking.

Another thing that we should mention is that older domains are usually more expensive than new domains. This means that if the domain name was once used by another person or organization, it has a certain value behind it. In theory, it would be easier to rank a website like that.

In any case, there are a few places where you can find cheap domains, but regardless of the price, make sure that these domains are worth the investment.

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