What Are Some Good Credit Card Payment Processing System Options?

What are some Good Credit Card Payment Processing System Options?

There are many solutions when it comes to selecting a credit card payment processing system. However, if you don’t have much experience in this field, you will find it a little bit difficult to select the best one for your business. The research we’ve made has led to the creation of a list where you can find some of the top solutions available at this moment. Check our guide to card payment processing systems and make the right choice.


Stripe is one of the best online processors for small and big businesses. Credit card processing over the Internet has never been easier thanks to Stripe. If you choose this option, you can create an account without any hassles. This means that your eCommerce website will be able to process credit card sales after a few minutes. Every user is free to select the version of Stripe that suits their business. For instance, you can use the Stripe Checkout system which can be copy/pasted directly into the online store. In addition, you can also code the Stripe API directly into the shopping cart.

The good news is that Stripe comes with integrations and plugins for almost all popular business software apps and tools. This payment processing solution has many features and customization solutions. With their help, you can come up with a service that will suit the unique needs and requirements of your eCommerce website. Finally, Stripe has a transparent, fixed pricing. You don’t have to worry about paying hidden fees or for things that you won’t use.

Flagship Merchant Services

If you are looking for a payment processing system for your online store that comes with flexible terms, then you must include Flagship Merchant Services on your list of possible solutions. They provide one of the best month-to-month terms and these terms are available to all merchants regardless of their size. There are no early termination, gateway installation and setup fees involved. Flagship Merchant Services represents a full-service card processing company which offers reasonable rates and provides interchange-plus and tiered pricing. It’s up to you to select the model you want to use.

Furthermore, Flagship Merchant Services provides a merchant account as well as a wide array of payment processing solutions like online, in-person and mobile credit card payment processing. In case you are interested in a more sophisticated option, you can check their iPad POS system which includes all the features you might need. This solution comes with a simple application process and provides access to professional customer support which is available 24/7.

First Data

Online retailers looking for a US-focused solution can count on First Data. This is one of the most used credit card processing systems in the United States. Experts agree that it’s perfect for businesses that have a huge number of sales every month. One of the things that users really like about First Data is that this solution provides competitive rates. You can negotiate fees and you will get access to technology that lets merchants accept different kinds of payments.

First Data has its own line of processing tools (Clover) as well as Alipay which is a commonly used payment method in China. If you have any questions or a  need help, you can First Data customer support which is available via live chat and phone. This support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Next, on the list, we have Square which is a processing system which offers easy and simple credit card processing at any place and at any time of the day. This is one of the top mobile processing solutions on the market today. If you want to start using Square, you don’t need special preparations. Simply open an account there and download their credit card payment application. Next, plug their unique card readers into your Android-powered or iOS-powered device.

The application created by Square comes equipped with efficient POS (Point of Sale) software. As a Square user you can also utilize the stand you’ll get in the package in order to transform an iPad into a highly-efficient POS system at the checkout counter in your physical store. Square provides a dedicated solution for businesses of all kinds. They have simple and reasonable pricing, quick deposits, a free eCommerce website and a few other things that will make Square your one-stop shop for payment processing.


Finally, we will highlight Helcim. This is one of the most reliable processing options on the market today. Helcim offers interchange-plus pricing. You can check the rates and fees directly on their official website. Generally speaking, these rates are quite low. If you manage to sell more, you can expect discounts.

The good thing is that with the help of this system you can process mobile, online and in-person payments. In addition, users have access to other features like recurring payments, invoicing, multicurrency processing, etc. Whenever you are stuck and need help, you can call them on the phone. Their customer support agents are available 24/7.


We all know that PayPal is a popular processor of electronic payments. However, they also provide credit card processing to businesses of all kinds regardless of their size and location. This solution comes at a low price. That’s why many businesses that don’t have a big number of sales per month are selecting this solution. It doesn’t really matter whether you are selling in person, on the World Wide Web or on the go – PayPal is offering a great credit card processing solution.

We must emphasize the fact that PayPal was created for startups and small businesses in the first place. They have a pay-as-you-go system which means that you don’t need to sign long contracts to feel the benefits of this system. PayPal also provides a simple, yet effective POS system and an opportunity to extend credit to clients, a special reward program and more. You can also expect professional customer service via phone or email.


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